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Patricia Sapere

Patty Sapere is a nationally certified American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing. She has over 30 years experience providing ASL/English interpreting services in higher education,  business, health, corporate, and research sectors.

She covers 1:1, large group and small group interpreting services and provides face-to-face interpreting as well as Video Relay Service (VRS) (over-the-phone communications) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) in support of client or customer communications remotely.  Patty handles financial, technical and business topics, in addition to general communications.  She also provides consultation and education to public
and private businesses regarding the provision of access services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Her experience includes extensive interpreting in international multi language settings and those that require the highest levels of confidentiality. 

If needed, Patty draws on local, qualified colleagues for multi-hour meetings. Patty holds and has maintained since 1988, certification from the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf both Certificate of  Transliteration and Certificate of Interpretation credentials.  Patty has a BS from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and resides  outside of Rochester, NY.

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