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Growth and Expansion


Your company can only be in one of three places: Growth, Status-quo/Stagnation, or Decline.  The Business Improvment Experts is uniquely positioned to help you successfully navigate into and through the first two, or out of the last.

"Growth" is an enviable state in which to be; but is not always easily managed. This is not the time for a management team to experiment nor it is time for on-the-job-training. The BIE members have the breadth of experience to hit the ground running in the following:

  • Growth through merger or acquisition.  In addition to providing the capabilities for a thorough and complete due-diligence, members of the consortium have direct and successful experience in leading teams through the physical, IT-systems, cultural, financial and legal implications of a merger.  Not only can we help you 'do' this, we can coach and mentor an inexperienced staff that is otherwise a good team.
  • Growth via territorial expansion. Regardless if the growth is domestic or international, with access to The Business Improvment Experts' seasoned  team your company can draw on the marketing, sales, and operational expertise of leaders who have managed growth and relationships in the US, Canada, China/Asia, Europe, Mexico, South American and the emerging, Eastern European markets.
  • Growth though new products and services. 'Selling more' of the same thing is very different from developing and selling new products or from growing the share-of-wallet through leveraged services and support. Again, having access to the full range of experienced and successful leaders means we've 'been there, done that' and can help you do the same with maximized efficiency.

Whether you need to augment your exisiting team while you source for hire, or need seasoned coaches and mentors to groom your exisiting team, The Business Improvment Experts is broad enough and flexible enough to meet your need.

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