The Business Improvement Experts

Examples of improvements

·   Upstate New York printer with over $100 million in sales.  Developed and implemented an ink management system which reduced generation of hazardous waste by 69%, salvaged over $300K of usable inventory and reduced raw material purchases by over $750K per year.

·   Western New York capital equipment design and fabrication company.  Reduced routine engineering workload by 40%, reduced lead time for major processing equipment by 30% and enabled a $20 million (33%) increase in revenues over two years.

·    Honeywell/Sensotec $25M sensor business. Increased output by 45% and tripled delivery reliability. Re-engineered workflow and processes increasing inventory turns 4X and shortening customer lead-time for custom products.

·   At $5 billion HMO Oxford Health Plans, consolidated data center hardware to rescue failing IT processing operation and later to reduce transaction costs, while company operating in bankruptcy.

·   Canadian Call Center: reduced average talk time from 75 minutes (peak time of 145 minutes) to an average of 27 minutes in a 5 month period.

 ·  Canadian, UK and US assembly suppliers (of common, printer- product set): reduced warranty return rate from 4% to less than 0.5% within 18 months.

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