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Pre-engagement Assessment / Due-diligence

In this process The Business Improvment Experts work with existing leadership teams and key stakeholders to understand and then significantly improve the performance, cash flow, and capital status of the entity.

Prior to working within a given company we conduct a specialized business assessment. This “pre-engagement assessment” is the due-diligence precursor to most projects and ensures the proper prioritization of attention and resources. The assessment covers all key functions of the company (IT, Operations, Sales, etc) and includes interviews with a cross section of the company management as well as a financial and operations review. The output includes a documented report plus a Q&A session of the findings.

*note: the Pre-engagement assessment can also be used when a company wishes to conduct a due-diligence regarding a potential investment or acquisition.

The Q&A session includes a discussion with the management team regarding our findings (strengths, weaknesses key opportunities), how and how-much the management affect the organization, and a high-level project plan on how to address issues and leverage opportunities. This includes a scoping of the financial improvements.

The basic process is as follows

Ø Meeting and discussion with key stake-holders (including the owner and/or senior leadership of the company).

Ø A one-day (gratis) determination the specifics of the assessment including review of available information and interviews with the current, functional leadership.

Ø Review of findings and proposed next steps.

Ø Assignment of the cross-functional, Pre-engagement Assessment team from The Business Improvment Experts resources.

Ø Three to five weeks of on and off-site functional and financial assessment.

Ø Documentation of the strengths and weaknesses within functions including but not limited to Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing/Sales, and IT.

Ø Synthesis, analysis, and documentation of the findings.

Ø Q&A session and review of a proposed path forward and scoping of financial benefit.

Ø Upon engagement of The Business Improvment Experts, assignment of the specific team members (functions) from The Business Improvment Experts and initiation of the project.

Ø On-going feedback and tracking of benefits.

This pre-engagement assessment is fast, thorough and carefully executed current-state analysis, culminating in a discussion and documentation as to where your company stands. It includes preplanned checkpoints and on-going feedback, and provides valuable insight and direction to a company and the management team.

In short, the purpose of The Business Improvment Experts' Pre-engagement Assessment Project is to provide expert and unbiased insights in order to implement the improvements and suggestions needed for a company positively impact their top and bottom line growth.

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