The Business Improvement Experts


What types of companies do you help?

We assist across all industry segments, specializing in small-to-medium sized businesses ($5M - $300M+) and have delivered improvements across many sectors.

What geographies do you cover?

Though we support any North American companies we also have a unique focus on companies in the North East US where our networks and knowledge of the local workforce, economies, and infrastructures make us especially strong.

How do you decide what help and resources are needed?

We conduct a thorough but rapid due-diligence assessment of the current state of the business.  Then, depending on the goals, strengths and weaknesses a team is assigned representing the areas of emphasis. So, for example, it might be determined that the planned, accelerated marketing growth requires a change to both the IT systems which support the order-taking as well as a sales-force realignment. So rather than a 'build more' approach we can ensure that there are no major gaps elsewhere in the company which would negatively impact the objective.

What makes you different?

We are different from most other turnaound and CxO organizations in that we: 1) do the work....not just consult 2) have seasoned and senior leaders representing all the critical functions needed to run a successful business, and 3) we are willing to tie our payment to our delivery.  Most companies need something more than just financial restructuring, they need to be set-up to 'do' things differently.  We provide the leadership and hands-on for the 'doing' of improvement and change.

Do you use other resources than those shown?

If needed, we bring in additional experts or resources.  For example, if accounts-receivable help is needed our finance team can source the help for you.  But the strength of The Business Improvement Experts is that you are working with a team of individuals who are remunerated and incented as a team. It means we know each others areas of strength and that you get one of us. You know who you get..... not just whoever is available.  You don't pay for senior skills and get junior help.

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