The Business Improvement Experts

Improvement and Turnaround

Companies experiencing some sort of financial or operational difficulties are in special need of attention. Working hand-in-hand with the key stakeholders, The Business Improvment Experts put attention on and deliver improvements in revenue, cost reduction, and operations.

All areas which affect the top and bottom line are investigated and addressed as needed. They include but are not limited to:

  •   Supplier contract review and renegotiation.
  •   Depreciation schedules.
  •   (Appropriate) inventory sales to free up cash.
  •   Employee and management skills and capabilities.
  •   Activity-based costing.
  •   Customer and product rationalization.
  •   Asset write-off and/or sale.
  •   Review of IP leverage. 
  •   Sales force effectiveness.
  •   Productivity and cost-down.


Just about evertything which impacts the top line, reduces costs, free up cash, impacts the bottom line, or improves the performance and efficiency of the entity is considered.

The Business Improvment Experts do more than just address financial improvement. In addition to this urgent and critical improvement we address and improve human capital and operations such that in the mid and long term the company can maintain the improvement and position themselves for feast, not famine.

You need to stay successful long after we are gone.

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