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The Business Improvement Experts is comprised of a select group of executives and subject-matter experts able to lead and transform companies through their ability to redesign operations; identify new products, services and markets; and to inject new energies and ideas. Our role is to provide companies with the oversight and leadership to significantly improve top and bottom line performance.

Whether a small business or large, through a rapid and carefully executed current-state analysis, followed by selection and assignment of the right experts , the cash flow of the business is enhanced.

Though most of our clients are the companies themselves, The Business Improvement Experts also serve commercial lending institutions by focusing on two types of their customers: those that are facing some level of financial distress, and those that have or are looking to obtain capital or investments for growth or acquisition.

For those companies in distress and/or struggling to make payments, The Business Improvement Experts will provide oversight and assistance to fundamentally change the operating cost base. This is not about just laying off resources or turning off the lights, but rather about eliminating unnecessary activities such that the shedding of resources does not harm the performance of the business nor looses any competitive or intellectual advantages. Further, by helping to sell off the right inventory and assets, cash is generated without harming delivery or contractual obligations. The intention is to avoid bankruptcy filing and protect any current investments or loans. If the company is already down that path and recovery is not deemed possible, the aim is then to efficiently ready it for sale or dissolution. This is our turnaround and workout focus.

Additionally, the Busienss Experts resources and/or interim leadership help when companies are experiencing stagnant or eroding sales. This is done through the identification of new markets and products, by refinement of marketing and pricing plans, and by setting the right vision.

When a company approaches an investor the same principles hold; to improve the market presence and the operational efficiencies. In this case it is so that all investments go for growth and expansion, not to fund current inefficiencies or poor practices. Consider; major growth is not the time for an inexperienced managment team to practice the skills. 

As needed, the expertise provided by The Business Improvement Experts include: Operations (manufacturing, service, and call centers), Product Development and Engineering, Marketing, Finance, IT, Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Sales, Human Resources and Quality.

We also have the unique capability to bring in a certified American Sign Language interpreting service so communications to/from your customers, clients or employess can proceed flawlessly. Everyone should be able to participate in your growth.

In short, the purpose of The Business Improvement Experts is to provide improved, short and long term financial and perational performance while providing the leadership to (re)generate the value of your business.


Working with your internal and/or external financial 'staff' we begin with a rapid and thorough review of the existing landscape. This includes but is not limited to a detailed study of historical and current financials, markets, operations, and competitors.  The right set of resources are pulled from within The Work Out Consortium to augment and work with the existing management team.

The exact path to improvement is not prescriptive.  There are no exact and predetermined steps. Since your business is not exactly like any other, the interim steps and actions must be unique to your company's circumstances.  By drawing on executives who have been successful across a range of companies and industries, The Work Out Consortium can provide the leadership and go-do attititude needed.

By drawing on executives and SMEs who are not reluctant to get in the trenches and get the job done, the end result is rapidly improved top line and bottom line growth.



Companies: Working directly in and with a company and its management team means we can assist, mentor, improve, and leave a company in a significantly better position than when we were invited in to help.

Commercial Lending Instituions: Whether it is to protect existing (and possible at-risk) investments, or minimize risks to new funding.

Professional Firms (CPAs, Legal Firms): Helping your client-companies survive a current storm, manage a merger, or thrive.


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