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John Lawrence

A powerful and creative business leader, John consults with Fortune 500 companies on performance excellence, change management, and strategy development.  His business leadership has provided the impetus for achieving benchmark levels of employee satisfaction, industry highs in customer satisfaction, double-digit year over year revenue growth, and triple-digit profit growth.  A former vice president at Xerox and Kodak, John has played a major role in change efforts undertaken by both companies.  He is sought after for his insights into how to make organizations successful.  He led the Xerox Business Services effort to win the Malcolm Baldrige Award and has helped Kodak develop the major change efforts it is now undertaking.  John is a Senior Partner with the Quantum Performance Group.

John brings an extraordinary breath of experience to his work as a result of the range of: clients with whom he consults; his twenty years in engineering and manufacturing; his thirty-two years in the private sector; and his five years in the military. 

His ability to apply cutting edge best practices to help with business solutions across all sectors is a key to the success enjoyed by his clients.  Some of John's clients have included 3M, DuPont, Motorola, Siemens AG, Shell Oil Company, Boeing, Intel, and Adobe Systems.  Some of the healthcare companies John has worked with are: JCAHO, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Health Now New York.

John's speaking engagements have taken him to major events and leadership forums around the world.  He has been characterized as a passionate communicator who doesn't speak to an audience - he engages the audience.  His communications skills enable him to help others gain insight into the paradigms in which they operate; the levels to which they have to move; and the journey that has to be made.  John's energized forums address Leadership topics that focus on the key issues facing senior executives in fast-changing
marketplaces.  Some of these include:

■    New Millennium Leadership:  Twenty-first Century leadership characteristics and paradigm changes.

■    The Changing Face of Leadership:  From functional excellence to systems excellence.

■    Creating Empowering Environments:  Inviting your people to change the environment.

■    The Dynamics of Change:  The pitfalls and keys to success.

■    Market Connected Strategies:  Taking customers where they want to go so they don't want to go back!

John has also shared his time helping government develop approaches to quality management at the federal, state and local levels.  He has served as Chairman of the U.S. Department of Labor's Workforce Excellence Initiative.  He served as a senior examiner for both the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the New
York State Quality Award.  He is a member of ASQ and the American Management Association, and has consulted with and trained leaders throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East. John resides near Rochester NY.

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